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Connections Advisor:
Michelle Marion  
Assistant Principal

Phone: (860) 622-5271



All of the activities for Connections will be posted to this page.  There will be four types of activities available here. 

They are:

Ideas of the Week


Academic Achievement

Community Awareness

If you intend to use Connections to disseminate information, have a grade level assembly, or for any other reasonclick here to fill out the Connections Usage Request form.

If you intend to use another part of the building other than your classroomclick here to fill out the building usage form.

If you intend to use the back gym for Adventures through Connections, click here to fill out the request form.


The goals of Adventures through Connections are to enhance leadership skills through activities rooted in adventure and team-work. Adventures through Connections hopes to develop conscientious individuals empowering the East Hartford High School community.  These activities will be facilitated by Mr. Leroy and Mr. Verrastro, who will foster trust and strengthen peer relationships.

To have your group participate in Adventure through Connections you must first complete the required safety activityclick here to view the activity.

Expectations for Students...

  1. Participate with an open mind.
  2. Be safe, responsible, and respectful while in the gym.
  3. Begin to develop a course of action for the task, build upon your connections within your group to cooperatively achieve your goal, become socially responsible and a positive community member inside and outside the connections realm.

Expectations for Staff...

  1. Complete the required safety activity and prepare your class for the expectations to be active and involved throughout the upcoming adventure through connections experience.
  2. Meet your class in the gym at a designated area to maximize activity time.
  3. Participate with your class during the desired activity and assist with facilitating the activity.
  4. Be a positive role model for your students and encourage them to work together to achieve their common goal.

Activities with Mr. Verrastro:

Partner Capture the Flag

Blindfold Treasure Hunt Activity

Team Ball Pass