About EHHS

East Hartford High School focuses on student performance. The environment, programs and opportunities at East Hartford High School bring together our diverse community in an effort to encourage students to be responsible for their learning.Matt Ryan

We are beginning the path to college and careers collaborating with students, parents and staff in a variety of ways. The initiatives and committees we have established exist to increase communication of ideas and innovations. While we are personalizing the education students receive, we are building on their skills and talents.

Every student has a gift. By getting to know our students on many levels, we are able to create a personalized learning plan for each student. The equitable opportunities students have here at East Hartford High School will allow them to become informed, responsible citizens.

We are instilling Hornet Pride in our students. With our deep sense of Pride, we are capable of reaching out and improving our community. We know that by having high student engagement in academics, athletics and activities our school will achieve.

Each day, here at East Hartford High School, we are

Building Excellence Together by Making A Difference.

Matt Ryan
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