Welcome to Activities!

Jessica Leone, Activities Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (860) 622-5209

Our goal at EHHS is to provide our students with a safe and dynamic environment where they can seek out their interest beyond their academics. There are a wide variety of clubs at EHHS, over 50 Clubs and organizations to choose from. From student council, where you get to be a part of planning events such as: Spirit Week, Homecoming, Bunny Breakfast, and Pep Rally to cooking or book club, where each month is a different recipe or read. EHHS has something for everyone! In order to participate in Student Activities, students will need to maintain C-rule, and be free of accountabilities. Regular class attendance and behavior will also determine a student's eligibility. For more information on student activities and clubs, visit the EHHS Activities homepage or email Ms. Colon at [email protected]

Below you can find a list of our Clubs and Class Advisors. Please click on each of the club names below for more information.

Club Highlights

Black history Month Calendar

East Hartford High School Clubs and Class Advisors

Class Council Advisors

Freshman Sophomore Junior  Senior

R. Forte

E. Napear

J. Crouse

J. Snyder

T. Fahey   

M. Sheatsley

M. Fleming

S. Barry

R. Shaltz

R. Orbe              

Club Advisors






Anime Club (Fandom)

 Ms. Bonner


 GSA Umbrella Project  Ms. Merrill
Art Club

 Mr. Davies


 Iron Hornet Club

 Ms. Marinko
 Ms. Kroeber

Astrology Club

 Ms. Cutkomp


 NHS   Ms. Sarra

Book Club

 Ms. Emond


 Origami Club

 Ms. Beauchamp


 Ms. Romero


 Outdoor Club   Ms. May

 Costa Rica Club

 Ms. Dickey



 Mr. Campbell

Color Guard

 Ms. Saccomano
 Ms. McDonald


 Sign Language (ASL) Club
 Ms. Dickey

Common Ground

Ms. Dickey

 Spoken Word (Poetry) Club  Ms. Maziarz
Cooking Club   Ms.Gay
 Ms. Fahey



 Ms. Walker
 Ms. Locke

Crossroads Literary Magazine

 Ms. Williams


Student Council
  Ms. Napear

 CT Youth Forum

 Ms. Dickey


 TRI-M Society (Music)  Mr. Hoyt
 Ms. Sayour
Cursive Hand Lettering

 Ms. Williams


Video Production  Mr. Campbell

Drill Team

 Ms. Walker
 Ms. Locke


 Video Production Club

 Mr. Siegal

 Esports  Mr.  Ziemak



 Mr. Vaughan

 Engineering Club  Mr. Vaughan


 Yearbook  Mr. Campbell
 Future Teachers Club

 Mr. Brown


Class Advisors
 Future Business Leaders   (FBLA)

 Ms. Cannata


Freshman Class Advisor

 Mr. Comarotti
 Ms. Cortes

  Environmental Club

 Ms. Fahey

  Sophomore Class Advisor  Ms. Forte
 Ms. Bryan
 Garden Club  Ms. Fahey


Junior Class Advisor

 Mr. Crouse
 Ms. Sheatsley
 Ms. Snyder
 Girls Who Code

 Ms. Gancarz


Senior Class Advisor 

 Ms. Barry
 Ms. Bonner
 Ms. Fahey
 Mr. Fleming