Student Assistance Center 

Welcome to the S.A.C.!

                Here at the Student Assistance Center, we offer a safe zone for the students of East Hartford High School.  Offering a wide variety of counseling services including anger management, alternative lifestyles, Latina issues, smoking cessation, alcoholics anonymous, conflict resolution, study skills, and individualized guidance, advice, and mentor services, the S.A.C. can be found in the wing off of the library in the foreign language hallway of East Hartford High School.  As a nationally recognized program, the S.A.C. fosters a safe environment where students can go within the school to vent, organize, and put to practice their feelings, needs, and emotions in a professional setting. 

                Brian Reynolds, an East Hartford social worker and director of the S.A.C., helps to create the program’s unique environment and counseling services on a daily basis.  Brian, along a number of university interns, is available each period of the school day to meet student emotional and academic needs.  If you wish to obtain such services from the S.A.C. for yourself, a friend, or a family member, feel free to contact the S.A.C. at (860) 622-5220.  To visit the S.A.C., students must have a referral or pass from a teacher or staff member. 

                We at the Student Assistance Center are dedicated to East Hartford and its community.  If you need assistance and do not know where to go, please come to us.  We have a wealth of contacts and resources to help guide you in your life journey.  We believe in you and have hope for your future endeavors.