Strong reading and writing skills are the cornerstones to student success.  All students should master the skills of critical thinking, analytical and technical writing, critical/close reading, and literary analysis prior to high school graduation.  We encourage students to be lifelong learners.  To that end, we aim to provide students with a curriculum that allows them to experience a broad range of fiction and non-fiction works, including contemporary and young adult literature alongside great literary classics.

The English Department provides a comprehensive four-year program designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Common Core State Standards.  Courses are sequential and skills build upon one another over the course of the four year program.  Success in the early years of the English program is crucial to student success in the upperclassmen courses.  Students are required to earn credit in English I, II, III, and IV in order to graduate.  During their senior year, students can choose between a variety of courses that may offer college credit.

Course offerings include:

- English I (Genre Survey)

- English II (Genre Survey)

- English III

- English IV

- English Electives